Trek to Roopkund in the Himalayas

These are photographs taken when we went to Roopkund in the Himalayas, in the Garwhal region.
Kund means "Pond" in hindi. This pond is at around a height of 5,300 meters (around 17,000 feet ) above sea level

A bunch of cool dudes taking a walk on the wild side - that's Anupam, me, Dongre and Dukkar from left to right

Another pic of Me, Dukkar, Dongre, Anupam

A Bridge constructed over a stream

The buddies, Anupam and Dongre take time off

Anupam and Dongre in the hills.

Seemed like it would never end - just the top of the world

Dongre, me and Anupam living on the edge

Anupam walking across a glacier on the side of a mountain

Up yonder is where we went ! Isn't this just magnificent

More of the same - the Himalayas in all their glory.

Don't stop now - we are almost there

Roopkund in all its glory - it is said that bones of Yeti men and women have been found in the pond. The water is crystal clear with a deep blue color.

Dongre on the edge of Roopkund. The sides of the pond are actually very deep. The height of a man would be the size of the marker drawn on the right side of the pond in the image

Dongre's hand is visible on the left side of this shot of Roopkund.

On top of the world (it seems) and exhausted - Roopkund is behind Dongre and Anupam - the person (Meharban Singh) on the left was a guide we had hired.

The side edge which is snowed out in the middle of this image is a gulley know as "Johari Gulley". This is the only link to go over the mountain and to the other side. It is considered an important pass in the region and is on the edge of the Pond.

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