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My Research

Post-Doctoral Research Work : During my work as a post-doctoral researcher at UC San Diego and UC Irvine with Professors Rajesh Gupta and Nikil Dutt, I worked on the following projects:

  • Reconfigurable Computing: CoReComp Project
  • High-level power management for Mobile Computing: FORGE Project
  • Embedded System Modeling, Design and Synthesis: Balboa, SPARK
  • SPARK Book

    Ph.D. Research Work : SPARK: A C-Based Parallelizing High-Level Synthesis Framework
    Phd Advisor: Rajesh Gupta
    In the News: Article in EE Times about SPARK
    Book: SPARK: A Parallelizing Approach to the High-Level Synthesis of Digital Circuits, Sumit Gupta, Rajesh Gupta, Nikil Dutt, Alexandru Nicolau

    For my doctoral research, I developed a C-to-VHDL synthesis framework called SPARK that employs a set of innovative compiler, parallelizing compiler and synthesis transformations to improve the quality of high-level synthesis results. This synthesis framework is very similar to a VLIW compiler, albeit with notions of hardware concurrency and hardware costs of transformations. Thus, SPARK employs parallelizing transformations and techniques such as speculative code motions, loop pipelining, Percolation Scheduling, and the Trailblazing code motion technique, while performing resource sharing and operation chaining.

    The SPARK methodology is particularly targeted to control-intensive microprocessor functional blocks and multimedia applications. We validated the effectiveness of our approach and evaluated the various optimizations for large real-life applications such as the Instruction Length Decoder from the Intel Pentium and multimedia applications such as MPEG-1, MPEG-2 and the GIMP image processing tool. This work has been done in collaboration with Intel (Strategic CAD Labs).

    Previous Research (short lived): Software Synthesis using Timed Decision Tables: includes source release that has a VHDL parser in it.

    Press Coverage

    Professional Service and Activities

    • Program Committee, SIGDA PhD Forum, DAC 2004
    • Guest Co-Editor of Special Issue on ``Application Specific Hardware Design'' to appear in the April and June issues of the Journal for Circuits, Systems and Computers, 2003
    • Organizing Committee: International Conference on High Performance Computing (HiPC), 1994-96.
    • Organized a CAD/VLSI series of talks (1997-98) at UC Irvine by researchers in Southern California.
    • Maintain a widely accessed page on my website that links to numerous research groups and faculty in CAD and embedded system design: http://4bearsonline/sumitg/cs/CadPages.html

    Recent Awards & Recognition

    • Poseidon Design Technologies licenses SPARK software for their design tool chain
    • Seed Funding from UCSD's Von Liebig Center for commercialization of SPARK, February, 2004
    • Best Paper Award, International Conference on VLSI Design, 2003.
    • UC Irvine, Information and Computer Science Department Dissertation Fellowship, Spring, 2003.
    • Best Student Paper Award, International Conference on VLSI Design, 1998.

    Research Links

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  • SPARK: High-Level Synthesis using Parallelizing Compiler Technology

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