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What LinkedIn Can Learn From Google+ and Other Suggestions for Them

Sumit Gupta
July 2011

I am a super LinkedIn user.  I joined the site early and have consistently developed my network there over the years to perhaps a few thousand people.   I joined Google+ a few days ago and of course, like everyone else, love the concept of Circles.    So, here are a bunch of suggestions for LinkedIn that would make my life much easier:
  • Grouping people:  Exactly like the idea of circles, I meet tons of people in my job (marketing) and in social circles.  I want to group people into social friends, professional contacts, important professional contacts and so on!
  • Notes when you link: Whenever I link with someone, I would love to add a note about how I met this person, what I learned about him/her, etc.   LinkedIn added the ability to add notes recently, but there should be a link to notes right when a link is established.
  • Network of networks: Often I meet someone based on an introduction from someone else.  I would love to able to see a network where I can annotate a note about how I know someone -- for all you geeks reading this, if it were a network graph, the ability to add note on the link between two people would be great.  This goes beyond just introductions; sometimes it is useful to note this kind of information.
  • Edit Other's Contact Info: It would be terrific to edit a contact's information with information like their cell phone number, alternate email addresses, address, etc.  Of course, this would be my personal view of their profile.
  • Scan cards directly into LinkedIn: I have 2000+ business cards sitting in a rolodex on my desk.   Can't I just scan them and get them into linkedin?
  • Bump for LinkedIn: In fact, wouldn't it be great that you meet someone and you bump phones and bam - you are LinkedIn!
  • Messenger / Chat: I don't use this, but tons of people at work chat with others using Yahoo Messenger or some other chat software.  Just like Google chat, it would serve LinkedIn well to add an instant message tool.    Although, please no video chat ... ;)
  • Invites: Evite would suffer instant death if Google+ and LinkedIn added the same ability as evites.    There are business events that can be served well with an evite type of RSVP service. 
  • Block out people:  There should be a way to unlink with someone (preferably without them finding out) and also, to block comments from someone (there are "social" people who need to tell you everytime they have a coffee).

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