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Bibliographies of CAD, Codesign, Architecture, Sensor Networks
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Industrial Research Groups
CAD/EDA/ESL/SLD Researchers
Freely available Benchmarks, Designs, and EDA Tools
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SPARK C-to-VHDL Parallelizing Synthesis Framework: Download Now

Some Bibliographies of CAD, Codesign and Architecture, Sensor Networks

Project Areas of Interest
Chinook Hw/Sw co-synthesis CAD tool for embedded systems
Cinderella Program Timing Analysis Tool
CodeSign Design of embedded real time sytems
Esterel Synchronous Reactive Programming Language
GRAPE II System-Level Design Tools for DSPs
POLIS Unified Hw/Sw Codesign
Ptolemy Design of reactive systems
RASSP Rapid-Prototyping of Application Specific Signal Processors
Rosetta A Systems Level Design Language
UC Irvine's C-based High Level Synthesis project which adapts parallelizing compiler technology for synthesis
INRIA's Real-time Embedded Applications tool
Univ Group Areas of Interest
CMU's Center for Electronic Design Automation Codesign, Benchmarks, DSP
Integrated Signal Processing Systems DSPStone, SPAM, Fridge, DSP compilers
A. Jerraya's System-Level Synthesis Group hardware/software co-design, system level synthesis
UCLA Papers Library Intl Collection of Technical Reports and Papers
Rajesh Gupta's Group (iESAG) Hw/Sw Co-design of Embedded Systems
G. Micheli's Synthesis Group Many aspects of CAD, Synthesis, Hw/Sw Co-Design
Stanford Electronic Library Searchable Tech Reports, Pubs etc
Tech Univ of Braunschwirg COSYMA, Prototyping, Embedded Systems
UC Berkeley CAD Home Page All aspects of CAD
UCI's Center for Embedded Computer Systems Embedded Systems, Hw/Sw Co-design, HDLs
UCSB CAD & Test Group CAD & Test Group
Research Lab Areas of Interest
IMEC's SOC++ System Design
IMEC's Reconfigurable Systems Program
System level C++ based design, Hardware & Software Synthesis
INRIA's Codesign Project
Implementing systems on silicon
List of INRIA's other Research Activities
IBM's Verification Group
Sugar Spec Language for property checking
Formal Checkers
People Areas of Interest
Guido Araujo Compilers, Code Generation for Embedded Systems
Peter Beerel Mixed Asynch/Synchronous Arch Synthesis
Gaetano Borriello (pubs) Embedded Systems, Design automation, Real-time Systems
Forrest Brewer VLSI/Comp Sys CAD, High-Speed Logic Design
Pai Chou System-level design for Power, Medical Embedded Systems
Jason Cong VLSI CAD, FPGAs
Srinivas Devadas CAD, Code generation, test generation, verification
Sujit Dey Hw-Sw Embedded System-on-Chip Design, VLSI CAD, Testing
Nikil Dutt Retargetable compilers, memory issues & design automation in embedded systems
Rolf Ernst Embedded Systems Design Automation
Daniel Gajski Embedded Systems Methodology, Specificaion, IP Reuse
Rajesh Gupta Hw/Sw Co-design, software synthesis, timing analysis, adaptive systems
Soonhoi Ha Codesign, Design methodology
Ahmed Jerraya Codesign, System design, Arch Synthesis
Niraj K. Jha Digital System Testing, CAD, Hw/Sw Co-Synthesis
Philip Koopman Affordable Dependability & Embedded Systems
Fadi Kurdahi VLSI CAD - High Level Synthesis
Luciano Lavagno Hw/Sw Co-design, Async Design & Testing
Edward A. Lee Embedded systems, Real-time software
Rainer Leupers Embedded systems Compilers, Code Generation
Bill Lin Sys-Level DA, Multimedia systems design
Vijay Madisetti Rapid Prototyping
Sharad Malik Embedded Systems & Software, Software Synthesis
Peter Marwedel Hw/Sw Partitioning and Code Generation/Synthesis
Giovanni De Micheli Low Power Synthesis, Hw/Sw Co-Design
Ralph Otten Hw/Sw Partitioning and Code Generation/Synthesis
Miodrag Potkonjak IP watermarking, synthesis, VLSI CAD
Jan M. Rabaey Embedded Sys, Low Power & System design tools
Jonathan Rose FPGAs, CPLDs arch., chip design, CAD
Majid Sarrafzadeh Reconfigurable Computing, Low-Power Embedded Systems
Frank Vahid Hw/Sw Co-design of Embedded Systems
Wayne Wolf Co-design of Embedded Systems, Video Arch
Kenneth Y. Yun Mixed-Time VLSI System Synthesis
Benchmark Sources Areas Covered
List of All benchmarks I have HLS, DSP, HardwareC, DSPstone, UT Toronto, Spam etc. Contact me if you want a pointer on how to get each othese.
1995 High-Level Synthesis Design Repository
1992 High-Level Synthesis Design Repository
HLS Benchmarks collected by Dutt and Panda
MiBench: Good Embedded Benchmark Suite Automotive, Consumer, Network, Office, Security, Telecomm
MediaBench: Media Applications Mpeg, Gsm, PGP, G.721 etc
CommBench: Telecommunications Network Processor Applications DRR, FRAG, RTR, TCP, etc
MD5 Crypto Reference Code
NetBench Benchmark Suite
Network Benchmarks
Compression Algorithms Source Code Page Source for everything ranging from compression, audio, mpeg, image
1. Speech Related Software
2. Another from comp.speech.faq
Coding, Synthesis, Recognition
Image Processing & Graphics Source Codes
Open source GIMP Image Processing Tool
Many, many pieces of computationally expensive graphics code
Video Coding Simulation Models H.261, H.263, Mpeg-1, Mpeg-2
DSPstone benchmark suite
SPAM benchmark suite
U. of Toronto benchmark suite
DSP benchmarks (for compilers etc)
Spark's High Level Synthesis Benchmark Repository C files for MPEG, ADPCM etc which can be synthesized by the Spark High Level Synthesis system
Embedded Microporcessor Benchmark Consortium Certifies real-world benchmarks
CMU DSP: Synthesizable Processor
SUN's picoJava Core
SUN's microSparc Core
OpenRisc Processors w/ Compiler
ESA's Leon Sparc-Compatible Processor
Synthesized Leon
Sayuri 32 bit processor
Pancham MD5 Cryptography Core
DSP,RISC, DMA for Structured ASICs
Synthesizable Cores/IP
DIMACS benchmark challenge Graph coloring instances
Collection of Open Source Hardware Designs The Open Collector: Free EDA software and circuit designs
comp.benchmarks repository All kinds of benchmarks and CPU info
Task Graphs For Free(TGFF) Generates random task graphs for scheduling/allocation
Embedded System Synthesis Benchmarks Suite Consists of about 17 processors
Links & Resources Areas Covered
ACM DA Pubs Page Complete DAC, ICCAD, ISLPED, ISSS, Euro-DAC Proceedings Archive
Sigda Home Page DAC, ICCAD & TODAES Proceedings Archive
Sigda Pubs on CDROM Complete list of Sigda Pubs on CDROM
Links to upcoming conferences
Parallel computing conferences
Submission deadlines of upcoming conferences
Links to projects, tutorials, researchers in Design, Design automation List of links here is well maintained and ever expanding
Embedded Systems Internet Resources Software, Links, newsgroups
Hw/Sw Co-Design Research Links Links to other groups, researchers etc
SIGDA's Links to CAD Sites
Links to all kinds of Electronics sites
Well categorized links to Academic and Industry sites
Ralf Niemann's links to Codesign Projects Links to groups & projects in codesign
DAC Cafe News etc on EDA
Design & Reuse Website directory for designing systems on chip
Excellent VHDL Resource Website Check out the Testbench Generator
VHDL Cookbook on the net VHDL book on the net, VHDL resources
VLSI Design Book on the net Design of VLSI Systems by D. Mlynek, Y. Leblebici
ASICs ... the book - Alternate Link ASIC design book on the net by Michael John Sebastian Smith
Arithmetic Module Generator Generates VHDL/Verilog code for any given input widths, with(out) truncation/accumulate
GPL Electronic Design Automation Some EDA tools available open source under GPL
VLSI Resource Center Links to VLSI resources on the internet
Logic Synthesis Links ASIC Synthesis, Hands-on Synthesis and Simulation Verilog/ASIC/Design Resources
Links to researchers Links to Computer architecture, compilers and VLSI CAD researchers with photographs and areas of research
ChipWorks Company specializing in reverse engineering chips and software
Tensilica Company specializing in configurable processor cores and standard processor cores
Embedded System/Codesign Course Web Pages
Introduction to Embedded Computer Systems Rajesh Gupta, UC Irvine
Software for Embedded Systems Rajesh Gupta, UC Irvine
Computer Aided Design of Digital Circuits and Systems Rajesh Gupta, UC Irvine
Distributed Embedded Systems Phil Koopman, CMU
Design of Embedded Systems: Models, Validation, and Synthesis A. Sangiovanni-Vincentelli, UC Berkeley
List of Embedded/Real-Time Embedded Systems Courses maintained by Frank Vahid Frank Vahid, UC Riverside
Relatively simple guides for
Understanding the Microprocessor
Understanding Pipelining and Superscalar Execution
Jon Stokes, Ars Technica
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